Sunday, May 21, 2006

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Funny Things You Say to Kids: "Don't hit me in the face with a Marmite sandwich!"



Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Seven months later

Thought I'd better catch up with myself! In a nutshell, we did Halloween, Chrismas, and New Year, went to NZ where Amy went to school and Lena went to kindy, then came back and now Amy has started Hokubu Youchien kindergarten and Lena is continuing at Keio. I lost three classes, two of my four OIT college lessons, and Again, but gained two English Club classes on Saturday. Rather a net loss. I am involved in organizing the convention, and preparing for the AFWJ meeting. And I am finally spring cleaning the house. LOTS more work to do there.

Today I started swimming again - 1200m, of which 100 was breaststroke, and 400 kick. It felt good, as did my healthy lunch afterward. As did, in a less virtuous way, the delicious Mexican style cinnamon and sugar donuts Maia's mother made. I had four. Oops. Maika came too today, and they just played today - too excited to see each other for me to get them to concentrate on any games. But their Mums were pleased enough to hear them playing in English, especially Maika's Mum, who had had no hint these last three months that Maika remembered how to speak English at all - typically, she only speaks to her Mother in Japanese.

Funny things kids do and say: Lena and Amy were out playing on their bikes. Lena came in sobbing, saying she needed Daddy. I thought she was just having a whinge and wanted him because he dotes on her more than me! But she came over to me, cried a little more, and told me she needed him to put some gas in her bike as it wasn't going. I laughed, and she wailed, so we called Daddy (mostly because I thought it was the funniest thing she's ever said) and asked him to come look at the bike. The chain is rusty, so we'll put some oil in tomorrow and see if that fixes it - and her contention that the bike just needed gas will no doubt be confirmed!