Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not much going on today. The kids have gone with Baachan to some event at Aunty Mie's. I didn't want to go, I have too much work to do tidying up. How dull, but I'm sure, if I alternate the cleaning with the occasional email, blog, book or snack, I'll have a much more relaxing and productive day, and end up tonight with a yummy dinner and a clean living room.

So I will catch up on old blogs throughout the day. I have many, many photos to post! When I've done that, I should be able to add some words about what is going on in them.

BUBS. I have a bump, I can finally feel the uterus, it's around the level of my belly button. And I can feel little flips and kicks every now and then, both on my tummy and against various organs within.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Baby Words

Lena made me laugh today with her attempt to say 'disgusting' - 'skidusgy'. It reminded my I should write down my favorite baby words of theirs. She also said 'umbia', and it took me ages to figure that one out, until she finally showed me an umbrella. Also 'bwekawith' for 'breakfast'. And I'll never forget how she said - still says - 'What is the heck of that'

Amy said 'mopsh' for milk, another one that took a lot of figuring out. She also said 'onja' for orange juice, and 'meeshin' for medicine.

They are painting their faces like American Indians after watching Pocapontas yesterday. That's not a typo, it's how Lena says it, which I haven't corrected because it's too cute!