Saturday, April 21, 2007

Not much going on today. The kids have gone with Baachan to some event at Aunty Mie's. I didn't want to go, I have too much work to do tidying up. How dull, but I'm sure, if I alternate the cleaning with the occasional email, blog, book or snack, I'll have a much more relaxing and productive day, and end up tonight with a yummy dinner and a clean living room.

So I will catch up on old blogs throughout the day. I have many, many photos to post! When I've done that, I should be able to add some words about what is going on in them.

BUBS. I have a bump, I can finally feel the uterus, it's around the level of my belly button. And I can feel little flips and kicks every now and then, both on my tummy and against various organs within.

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