Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dipping My Toes In

I know I've been neglecting my blog when my mother lets me know!

It's boring, but here we go again: I was busy doing the AFWJ Journal.

For now, this is it, I am still alive, we all are, although most people are moaning about being tired, as everyone has a cold. In Erica it turned into an earache and fever so she's off kindy. I just have to solider on, of course, no matter how I feel - not sick myself but shattered from the long nights of 'there, there' and forehead stroking.

Warning, cute stuff:

Erica was such a laugh on Sunday. I had a wee lie-down on Sunday morning. Hub came home and joined me. Erica soon found us. First, she amused herself falling face-first into piles of winter duvets we'd thrown on the floor. Then she jumped in for a cuddle with Daddy. The she decided that was all wrong, and came round to my side, behind my back. Then she turned me over for a cuddle, then turned herself around for a spooning cuddle, and only then was she happy. Then she immediately got up and fixed the blanket. Then left the room, but came back in two seconds with her small blanket from her bed, which she used to cover my feet. Then back into bed, this time for a nose-kiss session, first she kissed my nose, then I had to kiss hers. She let me know by yanking my head towards her nose by the hair. About twenty times. Then she amused herself balancing on the bed frame at the foot of the bed, using the cupboards and then curtains to balance. Finally some noise downstairs distracted her and off she went in a little whirlwind of grins and giggles.