Sunday, July 16, 2006

Sunshine, Beef and Beer

We had a barbecue at our place. I'm getting better at this! All you need is sunshine, beef and beer! Oh, and people. We managed to get some of those too.

The biggest challenge was converting the mess of our back yard into something at least resembling socially acceptable. The tables are still there from last year, but the table-tops got a bit warped in the weather extremes. So I went out and bought a couple of table-top wood slabs for the small table, and put the two long ones together with an all-purpose picnic mat on top. I also bought two tiny chairs, two big chairs, and two 2-person stools, and an umbrella. I figure we'll be doing this again, so it's worth it. I also bought a barbecue set.

The Harada family came, and from Keio Jorge, Ruth, Donella and Rich. Rich talked about manga and heavy metal all night with Kanji and Takuya. Ruth and Donella didn't drink much, but I made up for them, and we talked and talked. Maki was a whirlwind as usual and cleaned everything up, while I tried to keep up with her. The kids ran wild, and collected insects, and drew pictures, and played dress-ups.

We drank beer, and New Zealand sauvignon blanc and ate tons of beef, and a few veges and some great seafood. We finished up with fried noodles. Everyone went home when Momoka went to sleep, at about 11pm. And I didn't take even one photo!

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