Thursday, August 10, 2006

Keio Summer Camp

Keio held their summer camp at Ookie lake again, although with the unique detail this year that there was actually no camp, because no-one stayed the night. Except the kindy kids and their moms, who, once again, hired a bungalow by the lake, had a barbecue, attended Keio's bonfire, got the kids to sleep then stayed up sipping wine and chatting.

Baby Sachi, Suzuna, Lena, and her classmates Tatsuki (Suzuna's little brother) and Kyosuke (Sahci's big brother) in a baby pool by the lake.

Our bungalow is one on the right. They are all two floors, with a main room, bathroom and kitchen on the lower floor, and a small bedroom on the upper floor.

Me and Keito's mum. The fire was a little too strong at first, and we were all running around and getting things while they cooked, hence the black sausages in need of a trim.
Maia's Mum cooking lamb chops and beef and vegetable kebabs - not your usual Japanese barbecure fare, but the others let me and her decide what to cook, and I'm a kiwi and she's a gourmet so we came up with some interesting new stuff!

The kids tuck in. They decided to arrange their chairs overlooking the lake. From right Amy, Keito, Maia, Lena, Tatsuki. Mums from left, Tatsuki's mum, Yuuto's mum, Kyousuke's mum and Koushi's mum.
From the bungalow overlooking the lake.

Keio's campfire. We toasted marshmallows and had smores (toasted marshmallow with a hunk of chocolate between two biscuits)

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