Monday, June 04, 2007

A kick in the chest

Amy had a better time at swimming today than last week, when she was kicked very hard in the chest by one of her 'friends' in the changing room. Apparently, they were calling each other 'snot' and other such creative things, and Amy protested - she is a confident child and not afraid to stand up for herself and answer back. Then the girl, who is a good 10cm taller than Amy and very solid - a little overweight, kicked her in the chest. It winded her and left her in pain for about an hour afterwards.

I was waiting in the car, so we went to see Daddy, who called the swimming club to make sure they knew, and to watch out for it happening again. I was afraid they were going to want to sweep it under the carpet and call it 'just one of those things kids do', which is a response I hate from teachers, etc, because while it is true of many of these situations, it's also true that it's our responsibility as adults to tell the kid in question that that kind of behaviour is unacceptable. I don't expect her to be kicked out or anything, just to be told to not do that. Often that's all that's needed.

Anyway, they were all the best of buddies again this week, but nevertheless I stayed for the whole lesson. (I ususally go home to prepare dinner). Amy didn't want me to come into the changing room, as she felt she would be even more embarrassed if I did. That's a bit sad, because I have always feared the day she became ashamed of me because I underline what is different about her. But it couldn't be helped, because I needed to go in there to help Lena, who was in the class before Amy.

Plus I know better than Amy - hiding is not the answer. A big smile and a conversation is the best method to stop people thinking you're weird. If I chat to the kids like any other mother or teacher, I'm not so strange to them. Usually everyone know's who Amy's Mum or Lena's Mum is, and call out to me or point, and I have to be all friendly and sweet, no matter how stupid the things are that they say!

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