Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Black Tuesday and White Wednesday

It snowed today! It only just stopped actually, at 11am. It's a good thick covering, great for making snowmen or snow queens, only Amy can't go to school today. She and Lena have the 'flu. Hence the Black Tuesday, I hated yesterday, I was so stressed out! Wooried about Erica's breathing again, irrational but unstoppable. Kanji took the girls to the hospital. I was relieved that I didn't have to take Erica to that den of germs but anxious because I like to be the one in control when it comes to medical affairs. Kanji is too much of a Yes man. I didn't really want Tamiflu - but he got it, and I got so upset! Then he arrived home with them with a slew of other meds as well, in case the 'flu brings on Amy's asthma or Lena's Perhaps-asthma. I just don't get giving them a bunch of cough medicines and mucus minimizer and what-not. If it's asthma, just give them asthma drugs! A preventer and/or a reliever. A cough is a symptom of asthma, not the illness itself, surely just relieving the cough is not enough? I know things like excessive mucus can bring on asthma, but still, why not give them an asthmas preventer then????

It's this kind of thing that makes living in a foreign country so frustrating and stressful at times. You just feel like no-one has any common sense.

....oh, well, it was just all too much! A black day. I was clock-watching at 11:58 thinking, "the sooner this day is over the better" even though nothing was going to change from that time until morning!

Now the kids have gone to Baachan's for the day to help try to keep Erica 'flu-free. I haven't touched the girls since they came home from the hospital, and they haven't touched her since Sunday night when they first started feeling ill. That's been really hard, because I'm a huggy mummy, especially when my kids are sick. I told Amy yesterday that I wanted to hug them both so bad, but I couldn't, because we have to do everything we can to try to keep Erica from getting ill. She understood, but got a bit teary-eyed as well. At least they have each other, and now their father, who is coming down with something too. And Baachan to fuss over them. I sent them away all bundled up against the cold, with a pot of vegetable soup, which Amy had asked me to make yesterday, and a DVD player and a bunch of DVDs. They think the guys working at the Stand might like Grease, so they brought that.

I'll probably pick them up after dinner, in the meanwhile, me and Erica have a big long day to ourselves to fill! Easier, cleaner, but she misses playing with them! She can't figure out why no-one will play with her, and not even Daddy will cuddle her. At least she's used to it being just her and me most of the time.

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