Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Last Day

Of the school year, that is. Amy went off to school this morning with a sore throat, but she is finishing before lunch today so I think she'll be fine. Lena finished last Friday, I'll post more about that with photos. Erica is eating, but not terribly much, and trying hard to crawl, but she only gets as far as balancing on her hands and knees, with her feet tucked under her since she moves from a sitting position. I have one lesson today, and a whole HEAP of cleaning up to do, the house is an obstacle course again. Hopefully by tomorrow, the first day of the Spring Break, we will be all tidied up and ready to celebrate Erica's six months' birthday!

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Christelle said...

Hi Rachel! I stumbled across your blog :) That pinata cake looks amazing- I've never heard of that before. I can't believe your baby is six months old already- seems like you just gave birth to her. Pregnancy feels so long but it makes me almost sad to think how fast time will go once our little bundle is here!