Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Erica 7 months check

Erica had her 7 month health check yesterday. She's 67cm long and 8.9kg, on the heavy side, but below average height. So she's still a round ball. But a round ball that can move! She still loves her bath, as the video shows - she's racing to get to it. As she gets more proficient at moving, ironically, she gets more upset at me leaving the room.

She finally learned to roll over, after spending all these months lying on her back like a turtle and crying. She can crawl quite quickly, but still hasn't decided whether she'll use her left foot or knee, she kind of switches. She's pulling herself up to stand against my back as we speak. Anything will do, including a cardboard box the other day, which toppled over with her, much to her surprise and consternation. And she has the bruises to match this new mobility - several small knocks on her forehead that at first we thought were smears of pumpkin, her second favorite food after yogurt.

She's looking over my shoulder now. She's so proud of herself! It looks like it's quite exciting to get a view of the world a little higher up than before. I was reading somewhere the other day, ij someone's opinion babies live in a state of higher conscoiusness due to their constantly having that feeling we grown-ups only get now from climbing mountains and driving our cars too fast. Her face certainly reflects that when she grins with joy at seeing me after I've been gone (or even after I just look at her after she's been trying to get my attention) and when she completes some difficult action like taking a step, or pulling herself up to stand.

She's still a little shy of strangers, but better than before. Now, she leans her head on my shoulder to show her shyness. She does this to love-hug me too, which is so cute! I was just lying on the floor, and she crawled over to me, so thrilled to have me down on her level ready to play, and when she got to me, her head went to one side, only she missed me and it ended up on her shoulder. Now she's just messed up the laundry, so I guess I should get that put away before she totally wrecks my piles.

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