Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Toddler Time

And then suddenly overnight, you have a toddler. At least she's a stupendously CUTE toddler. She's so short and fat and she waddles around the place, and she tries to run, or at least rush and gets a few steps before she falls flat on her face. I watched her today as she got up, balanced, put her arms up, elbows to her ears, took a few rushed steps, and plonked down, looking directly to me as if to check whether she's supposed to be upset now. And I smile and say "Hello darling!" and she grins from ear to ear and goes all silly then gets up and tries again.

She's the baby just looking for trouble! Literally, crawls in, turning her head from side to side looking for 'fun', which is baby-ese for 'trouble'. Eating tissues, keys, pens, and erasers. Pulling all the newly folded laundry off the table. Chewing on the mouse pad and mouse of the laptop and turning off the desktop computer. Pulling a pair of jeans hung on a hanger onto her head. Examining the toilet, climbing into the bath and climbing the stairs if someone leaves the living room door open. She's got up as far as four steps so far. Oh, and every now and then, she plays with her toys.

She's discovered the delights of pushing a toy stroller, with the stuffed tiger in it, which she found just hilarious. Giggling when she gets an airplane rides from her Mummy, which serves to distract her from whatever other trouble she's found. Giggling at me when she's breastfeeding, looking up at me and waiting for me to raise my eyebrows at her, which for some reason she thinks is the funniest thing ever. Giggling when she's tickled.

Lena meanwhile is sick with vomiting and diarrhea, although the diarrhea part is just hypothetical at the moment. So she's off school and it's not easy trying to discourage Erica from touching her. Amy is waiting excitedly for her piano lesson, because she LOVES piano now that she is good enough to play pretty tunes. It took some headaches and persistence to get this far, I am so relieved we stuck it out. Lena's just coming through a rough patch.

Right now they are writing a song for Ralphie. I'll try to get them to record it for posterity and upload it for you.

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