Saturday, March 14, 2009


The girls got it into their heads today for no apparent reason to play ninjas. At least they put on black clothes, unlike one time, when they played ninjas at Oita castle - wearing white sparkly frilly skirts. I was the cinematographer as usual.

First, a blooper reel - not quite the stylish ninja-esque exit from the hiding place under the table that she was intending, I think:

Next, I flubbed my lines:

Finally, success. You hear the stifled giggles in my voice, I was still getting over that clunking table.


Anonymous said...

KIA!!!! lol- cute vids..

Anonymous said...

O-Kay, um, why did the first video scare the *bleep* out of me? When Amy and Lena came out of nowhere, I was honestly taken aback. I was more prepared the second and third time.

Those ninja girls are good.