Friday, November 12, 2010


Feeling very UP today, don't know why, after all that angst the other day. Nice lunch out with a friend yesterday helped, it always helps! Sweet-smelling baby to cuddle (despite his mother's insistence that his farts smell and his big sister's opinion that he has 'boy smell', all I could smell was sweet newborn head!). The buffet restaurant had an American cuisine special, and no that did NOT mean hamburgers and fries, it meant Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing, gumbo, three types of spaghetti (so Erica was in spaghetti heaven), mashed potato and gravy and wild rice salad, among other things.

Less angst, more 'eeeee' as I remember what's coming up and start getting excited about it.

Perhaps today feels good because it's a good balance, with lessons in the morning, Journal in the afternoon, time to fit in some tidying, laundry and cooking, and an evening planned watching videos with the kids. Maybe it's just a case of TGIF, although I have to work tomorrow.

Yesterday we took Erica to see her plastic surgeon again. He said her scar has softened up enough (meaning it's finished forming) and we can go ahead with the surgery 'anytime'. Well. Now *I* have to decide her fate? Somehow I wish I could just be TOLD when to do it. Wish I could be back in NZ moaning about waiting lists and rushing up to Starship as soon as a slot comes up... Nah, scrap that. No, it's GOOD that I can CHOOSE when is the best time for us. Summer vacation probably. In the Spring break, it's too likely that her asthma will flare up. Summer will also be easier to dress her, as she will have some elaborate bandaging on, I forget the name he called it, but her hand will be held open to try to stop the scar from contracting.

She will also have a bandage on her foot, as the skin graft will come from the sole of her foot, as it's the only other part of the body apart from the palm with no pigment. He will take a thick graft from a spot on her foot, then take a thin graft from the skin right next to it, and graft that onto the place he took the thick graft from. The hand will heal better with a thick piece of skin, but the donor site won't heal well with a thick piece taken out and may contract, so skin is grafted onto there too. It's called a domino graft.

Now we just have to commit to DOING it. eeeee!!

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