Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Yappa Bi-ji-!

I've sent the children off to bed, including my eldest, otherwise known as my husband.

Blog post end.

Yup, that's as much as I got written last night before I gave up and went to bed. I was staying up to bake muffins for my final kindy class today, and thought I would blog, but nope, my tired head wasn't having it.

The title means as expected, busy! Because Tuesday always seems to end up that way. Probably because I work at 5pm, which means the whole day free which means I do stuff, then go to work, then arrive home at 6pm all flustered and in a rush and work-energized, and have to cook dinner and get things organized in time for the piano lesson, which didn't happen last night.

So it seems like a long day. Yesterday was no exception. Erica was off kindy, she had a fever, so that cut what I could do, but I had the Journal to do, and some kitchen spring cleaning to finish that I started on SATURDAY and didn't get done because a million things came up... then sankanbi (school lesson observation) at 2 and a hospital visit at 3 and then work at 5. Phew.

Nothing much done today! I'm just too tired from two sleepless nights to concentrate. I'm going to go eat my dinner (yay for Kanji cooking the rice and doing the dishes, then all I had to do was chop a cucumber for the kids to snack on while doing their homework, then boil up a head of broccoli, and then I made a sausage/onion/piman/green bean stir fry.

After that, I'm eating chocolate dammit. I need it. I have lost my diary, the contract for my new job and 2 income certificates. If anyone out there is psychic, PLEASE put your thinking caps on and find my stuff before I tear my house apart.

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