Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Erica's 4th Birthday Dinner

Her party was on the 25th, so on the day of her birthday, we had a quiet dinner at home.

Left to right: I always have to fit cheese into the menu somewhere... this is fried cheese; We kept a gift aside for her to open on the day; It was a fairy castle tent, and I threw in a little plastic fairy castle, which she loved.

Amy took care of setting up the tent. Erica was so excited! On the right is another tent she got for her birthday, at her party on Sunday. She LOVED that one, and all the children disappeared into it as soon as I opened it! Magic tent!

Dinner: the first course, sashimi (and beer for the grown-ups). Erica trying to eat her sashimi with a knife and fork. Lena and Amy looking, well, unposed... The main course was a roast, which didn't work out very well, I tried roasting the 'beef block' you can buy here, but it was too small and dry)

The Parents

The dessert: Apricot cheesecake. (It was a flop, actually, the recipe needs to be re-written because that's the second time I've left out the icing sugar and lemon juice. However, using distasteful fake butter 'butter-type margarine' in the base is all my own sorry fault)

After the party.... Amy and Lena finishing their homework (it was a school night). We were watching a move (The Devil Wears Prada) but Erica got a bit sleepy and nodded off right there on the tatami under the table. In my defense, since she was a baby, she has consistently rolled off every cushion, bed or sofa I've put her on and slept on the tatami, so now I just let her go to sleep there! I did take her up to bed very soon after...)

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Gina said...

I love the fairy castle tent. Tents are so fun for kids.

I think the meal sounded good that you made. I did however make a huge flop the other day. I found a nabe, called "tandoori chicken nabe" I figured we like eating Indian food, we might like it. Nope!: ( Everyone who came into the kitchen said..."what THAT smell?" and not in a good way. In fact I never saw a family eat so slowly before. : ( I will never buy that again. Bummer.