Saturday, January 14, 2012


I spent 24 hours two weeks ago searching for songs on YouTube and posting them on facebook, in the Journal, in a Windows document to be turned into a blog post for AFWJ. And I'm not sick of it yet! Wish I could do this every month. I think I should be editing a music magazine.

Anyway, as part of the general search I remembered about the list of songs we were asked to provide as BGM for our wedding in Japan. I worked hard on that list, it was my favorite songs, carefully chosen to suit the part of the ceremony they were to accompany. I chose well I think, as I still love these songs 12 years later.

I'm still annoyed that they turned down my music during the candle-lighting ceremony and replaced it with Celine Dion (the titanic song), who I hated. How dare they!

Here is the list of songs I chose:

Cranberries, 'Linger' for the first "Grand Entrance" into the guest-filled ballroom after the private family-only Shinto ceremony (in another room in the hotel)

I fell in love with this song when I was living in Sydney, over-staying my welcome on my sister's sofa-bed. I heard it on Triple J and remember lying there just listening to it, listening to all the layers of sound so beautifully combined. It's a lovely song and I still adore it.

When I exited the ballroom wearing the wedding kimono, I played this song:

Portishead, 'Glory Box' (click on the link, they won't let me embed it)

This is the first time I have ever seen the video! In the 90's, I listened to the radio, and that's all - thank you Radio Massey and Triple J, but because of you I am only now catching up with my 90's music images!

When I entered the room again wearing the white wedding dress, I played Blanky Jet City, 'Sweet Sweet Days'

Kanji introduced me to Blankey, but older stuff, from the albums Bang and Red Guitar and the Truth. This song came out when we were dating, and I fell in love with it, and even more so with its B-side (if you can call it that on a mini-cd!) - more about that B-side later)

For when I left the room in my wedding dress to go get on the (ahem) "cocktail" dress, I played Smashing Pumpkins, 'Tonight, Tonight'

This video is another new one for me: I bought this CD and listened to it the car all the time during my second year in Japan, but never once saw this video. Interesting parallel: this video commemorates Georges Melies' "A Trip to the Moon", which just happens to be the first movie in the movie book I got Kanji for Christmas last year. (And the lady smashing the champers in the beginning looks just like Susan Boyle, don't you think?)

We did this candle-lighting ceremony, and I played this: Cranberries, 'Dreams'

plus (they asked me to provide extra songs as the candle lighting would go on for quite a while):

Chara, 'Yasashii Kimochi'

I think if you watch the above songs, you'll get this! Take some Dolores O'Riordan, add in some Portishead and splash over a bit of Smashing Pumpkins visuals, and you get Chara

Blanky Jet City: シェーリー
I haven't found it on You Tube yet, but don't give up on me! It's a B-side, anyway, but I loved it.

Frente, 'Bizarre Love Triangle'

(Another new video for me! She spends as much time with her eyes closed as Ken Hirai does!)

Pixies, 'Cecilia'

No video, just listen... I learned from YouTube it's a cover of a 1964 Surftones song. Makes sense, it sounds like a 60's surfer song!

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