Saturday, March 17, 2012

Shopping Day with Lena

Just got back from a shopping day in Oita for Lena's 10th birthday. It was sufficiently different from the trip with Lena - they are different children after all!

We went straight to Park Place, and started off with lunch. We went to Capriccosa, my favorite Italian restaurant and ate a margarita pizza and spaghetti carbonara. We know now to order prudently at that place - too many times we've ordered too much! Nice to see they have introduced a 'regular' size now.

Then we went straight back to the car to change out of my shoes. Sky high wedge boots were a bit ambitious for shopping! I need to wear those only to places where I can guarantee I'll sit down. I also got an ominously sore knee (do I really have to say goodbye to heels forever? Hope not!). I picked up a mall map and walked with it in front of my face to pretend that I was mincing gingerly along because I was trying to find out where to go, and not because I was wearing stupid shoes.

So, with sensible shoes on, we hit the shops again. Lena found what she wanted almost immediately in Jusco. I insisted we check out the specialty stores there as well, because we have a Jusco in Nakatsu! Amy had got her beautiful dress and cardigan at the Gap last year, so I really wanted to get Lena a beautiful dress there too. But no, we breezed through the stores, with nothing catching her eye and doubled back to Jusco and got a pair of shorts (she loves shorts and specifically wanted some) and a pretty top.

On the way we went into the Indian import store Malalaika and she immediately set eyes on some blue sparkly earrings. Again, nothing she saw subsequently matched them. She's a pure instinct shopper.

We also checked out the hobby/fun/junk store. She also had in mind ONE specific thing here, that she had seen at our local Jusco's hobby/fun/junk store, a little battery operated fluffy moving snake thing. We could not find it, so she suggested we visit Nakatsu's Jusco on the way home! We could have just gone there to start with, although that just wouldn't have been as special.

Just before we left, we ate parfait:

The snakey tail-like thingy was not there either, so we came home. She's planning on enjoying the rest of her night with a bowl of popcorn and a movie (Blu). I've promised them pizza later and K is out now buying me wine. Should be a relaxing night for all the family!

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thefukases said...

Happy Birthday Lena!

And I am a Lena style shopper. :)