Thursday, July 12, 2012


and every intention to get off to bed, NOW, after a sleepless night last night thanks to one stupid annoying mozzie.

Weird things happening last night, like Lena getting up to check the balcony door, and saying it was open, and me thinking she was just sleepwalking, or it was shut but not latched, and going back to sleep, only to find the balcony door open in the morning. So that's where all those bloody mozzies came from.

And speaking of blood, Erica had a nosebleed - she did this last summer too, every day. And yes, I put towels down, but she's in a rolling stage, so she managed to get her undersheet and blanket too! So all of that was washed today, but not until the other catch-up loads went through, so only hung right now on those double-wide hangers inside because it's apparently going to rain again tonight!

I sometimes wonder what on earth I would do without that strip of wood around the walls in a Japanese style room, just above head height. If I was rich, in a big old house, and it was the 'zashiki' I guess I'd hang pictures off it of calligraphy scrolls and ancient buddhist priests. But this is a small house full of people, so it gets used as a convenient rainy-day "just until I get around to putting them outside" laundry hanger.

Once when my sister-in-law came over to clean up a bit before I got back from the hospital or NZ or something, she made sure to quite specifically tell Kanji that this shelf thingy needed to be dusted inside. Dear thing, she thought it being completely full of dust meant that I didn't know. Do you think Japanese people will ever get used the idea that sometimes we know fully darn well something needs to be done, but just don't want to do it anyway?

Amy just handed me some grapes. I love summer fruit! Waffling on here, waiting to sleep, just waiting now for the girls to get their pyjamas on.

To add to the weird things last night, Erica woke up with a BOING, which she never does, exclaiming at about 6am that it was SUN. I kind of sleepily told her to get some clothes on then... then drifted off to sleep again. Only to wake myself with a BOING half an hour later when the plastic set of drawers crashed over. Amy told me what had happened, and I quickly checked Lena and Erica - sound asleep of course, couple of sloths those two. Wonder where they get it?

This is Erica's drawers, she must have unbalanced them rifling through them. They are set in a place where they can't fall on anyone sleeping (I'm a bit earthquake paranoid in that way) but still would have hurt a bit if she had been standing in front of them. Their backs are to the end of the bunk, so I'm musing ways to tie them on. The first thing I thought of was kimono ties - another sign of summer is that the yukata box has been dragged out, the girls excitedly trying them on to see which ones fit them this year.

iphone sync finished, grapes finished (the girls are still working on theirs). I'm going to take out the chicken for dinner tomorrow and chill a bottle of wine. I'm going to be SUCH a good girl tomorrow, and do all the laundry and cooking in the morning, then go for a SWIM before work, just so I can come home, and sit straight down and have that glass of wine. Already looking forward to it.

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