Monday, September 17, 2012

A typhoon and a holiday

On one side, a fan blowing full bore to keep us cool, on the other side, my children nearly being blown away as huge gusts blow through the house. I just went and closed the storm doors in the kitchen so Lena and Erica could finish eating their carrots without their mayonnaise ending up all over the room.

The sun is shining bright and I'm hot and still sweating (I'm SO sick of sweating!) so I think it's okay, then suddenly we all get blown away again. Not typhoon weather, where's the rain? But the wind is whistling in the sky, so I really can't decided if I should take Erica to karate or not! For ME any excuse not to go is a good one, but I don't want to look silly if everyone else is out there being normal!

We slept in the living room last night, the first storm in two years that I've taken that precaution. Mostly because Lena said she was afraid, and she was sleeping under the window. The upstairs bedrooms have windows looking out over the small cemetery and a large empty lot, so we feel like sitting ducks for flying debris. Downstairs though, has storm doors all across the south side, and bars on the windows to the east and west. Once we close off the corridor from the living room, we're in a pretty secure little box.

And that was the extent of my storm preparation. I must go fill a bath with water, just because I felt I really should have at least done that last night. But we've lived through several large typhoons now, and while you might have to endure a few hours without power or water, they don't tend to wreak much more havoc than that. The supply lines don't fail, the supermarkets don't empty. Famous last words??? Nah, this one is well on its way to Korea. I'm sure the kids will be at school, and me at work tomorrow morning. Though we might sleep downstairs again tonight!

Oh, and once again I am swearing to get some blog catching up done! I have finally given up on the photos, I will now be preparing photo essays in InDesign and uploading them to Issuu as magazines to leaf through. I'll add single photos to the blog, and vids, cos I love looking back at the vids!


shinshu life said...

Do you have typhoons in NZ? Or were you more panicky initially here? I don't know, we get about one big(gish- compared to down your way anyway!) typhoon every two years or so here and they freak me out! The roof flew off the neighbours shed last time. Luckily it wrapped itself around our huge persimmon tree and not us but still.... people tend to go about their usual lives dow there, huh? eek!

Rachel said...

We don't get many typhoons in NZ, but we get regular gale force winds which are as strong or stronger. I used to be more concerned about typhoons, until I realized that for the most part, they are just what in NZ we call 'a windy day'. Now I wait and see - wait until it's a day or two from me before judging if I should worry, and wait until it's actually here to decide whether I should shut the storm doors or not.