Friday, December 28, 2012

Six Days

I certainly hope I'll get some time to update the last week, although if you've read this blog from the beginning you'll probably be thinking "Yeah, right, I've read that before!"

We had a very, very, slow and lazy day at home today. So slow and lazy that only one of my three modest goals was met - cleaning up the living room and installing the kotatsu set. Goals 2 and 3, to do laundry and make something with the turkey just did not get done. So... all that's put off till tomorrow, and now it's already nearly 7 and I will soon order some pizza, because I have a headache and need to sleep soon.

For a quick update for reference:

22nd: Amy's class Christmas Party at home, for which I cooked hot dogs, sausage rolls, onigiri (actually Lena made that), and sandwiches, mini quiches and a Yule Log.

23rd: AFWJ Holiday Madness and Mayhem family party at Michelle's in Kitakyushu, for which I made mashed potato, mini quiches and a Yule Log.

24th: Daddy's birthday party, the usual cheese platter, sashimi and curry

25th: ham and eggs for lunch, turkey with roast potato, kumara and pumpkin, mashed potato, cauliflower with cheese sauce, cabbage and peas, then trifle and pavlova for dessert after we went to see the fireworks

26th: Boxing Day relax and leftovers party in Beppu, I bought Chinese and made yet another Yule Log.

27th: skating!!!

28th: Frazzled Friday - blob and don't move all day long.

Okay, off to get that pizza!


shinshu life said...

Wow, crazy! Sounds like you needed a lazy day. I'm intrigued you had a class party at home- your kids go to a big school right? So you had 36 odd kids in your house??? @_@ I'm not worthy!

Rachel said...

oh heck no! It was just the girls, and it's a boy-heavy class, so 'only' 14, lol, which I though was a lot, 36 would kill me I think!