Monday, August 05, 2013


I only managed to be 90% lazy today, despite my best efforts.

Slept till 10, and then managed to stay there playing with my devices until nearly 12! Reluctantly got out of my pyjamas to go do some shopping, I got people food, cat food and laundry powder to help me with that 10% of having to do some work.

Work: one load of laundry, tidying the living room and kitchen, and filled two rubbish bags out of the spare room, one burnable and one non-burnable, just to feel I wasn't completely useless and was making inroads on the grand decluttering and re-decorating effort. Actually, I was supposed to work on that all morning while Amy was at her junior high sports club, take the kids to the beach then go to work in the evening... but Amy skipped club, they both decided they needed to stay home to get some homework done, and I realized my class is next week. Oh well.

Next up, pasta for dinner and we're going to watch The Hobbit. I may get home sick...

Saturday was so-so busy, with a meeting, and ferrying the kids to classes (Amy's art and Lena's T-pet idol lessons). Sunday we went to Alex's farewell party, FAREWELL Alex! Make sure you come back and party again! I wrote up about last week, so I'll post those too in a moment!


Jo Tomooka said...

I stupidly decided today would be a good day wash all the kitchen windows and scrub and wax the kitchen floor... nothing like the feeling of sweat dripping from every part of your body! I'll make up for it by having a lazy(ish) day tomorrow!
What club did Amy join? Emily has gone for volleyball and as there are only 8 kids in total (1st and 2nd combined) it is difficult to skip out. But at least she gets lots of playing time.

Rachel said...

Athletics - so she's not particularly missed if she skips. I'm not sure how many kids there are, but I think the fact that the teacher-coach didn't even turn up for the first two weeks is a good indication of the level of seriousness of this club! No tournaments (well, no prefectural or actual chance of winning something, just the school-organized ones). She gets plenty of exercise though, and the summer holiday practices often end up in the school pool!