Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Friday Night

It's 10:16 so I'm perfectly justified in sending the kids to bed, even though it's a Friday night. The only reason I haven't done so yet is 1) can't be bothered and 2) they are actually being really cute making videos on my old iphone of cats being cute with themselves singing background. OH and Amy is endeavouring to sew together a torn-up ¥100 shop Mrs Claus outfit for Lena, because the 'Christmas cosplay' outfit I ordered from Amazon for her event on Sunday is arriving - on Sunday morning. There's a chance we'll miss it, so we're slapping together a possible alternative. I'm personally angling for Lena being allowed to wear her normal outift, plus a cape and hat, but Lena doesn't like that idea of course, she doesn't want to be the only one not in a Christmas costume.

It's a normal Friday night. The kids are watching a movie, I'm doing laundry and having a wine. I don't get to do either on weeknights, due to work commitments or driving the kids to this or that class. Normal except K isn't here, he's out at yet another bonenkai. If he's here we often all sit down together with beer and sashimi and yummy things and watch something. I like it if it's Music Station or recordings of the morning NHK drama, or Unbelievable, but not if it's one of the crappy variety shows. Erica loves AmeToku!

.... and a bit later on, K's home, watching variety shows and drinking a beer, and I'm drinking beer and watching YouTube videos and writing this and stuff on facebook, and we're both thoroughly enjoying having Sugar and Spice back for some all-out manic kitten fun!

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