Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'm pretty sure it's Thursday today, although I spent all day yesterday convinced it was Tuesday. I even confidently told Amy it was Tuesday! Kanji finally convinced me over dinner by showing me his phone, and I stared in disbelief for a few seconds before accepting the inevitable. How bizarre! I have never been SO convinved it was the wrong day. Usually you are not sure, it could be either, but I was certain!

Now I remember. We spend the 1st at home, and then went to Youme Town to go shopping on Tuesday. The kids got a 'fukubukuro' (a lucky bag containing surprise goods, always worth mroe than the price you pay, but not always what you would have chosen youself). They used thier 'otoshidama', money given to children by parents, grandparents, and uncles and aunts. For 3000yen each, they got a cloth jacket, shirt, t-shirt, skirt and pants.

That evening Kanji went out with his wrestling club buddies (just watching, not actually doing wrestling), and I stayed home, and watched Castaway and had a chuhai to trim down the excess of shotchu we have in the house. Yes, really, I was just being efficient. Shotchu is like a stronger version of sake, about 25%, and in a chuhai, it's mixed with tonic or soda and lime or some other juice flavor.

On the THIRD then, we went to Jusco, and the kids got another fukubukuro, this one containing stationery items. They also bought a surprise egg, two items each at the 100yen shop, and a kids' magazine each. I got a clothing fukubukuro, the first time I've seen one in teh extra-large sizes I need to buy here. For 5000yen, I got a jacket, cardigan, two tops, a belt and a necklace. I also bought an incence one for 1000 - I might send that stuff to Maria to sell! And another one which I have not opened yet.

The kids are itching to do something today. Amy specifically requested a place where I can video her and then show Daddy the video. I am thinking we might get rugged up and play in a park, then go to an onsen, and finish up with a hot chocolate at a cafe. I'll let you know! Right now, I am going to have some tea and toast, and open that last fukubukuro!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Rach, I'm showing mum how to post a comment..... she's been loving reading your blogs, and finding out what you up to. mum says..... my kittens names are ebony and ivory - and it suits them perfectly, i'm so pleased to have two, they keep each other company when I'm at work, but downside is I have to trian them to be touched and loved. we getting there, they are so cute.
wrecked the xmas tree completely, but i let them, coz i have a new one for next year. hey, me and bec are training for the tri(jo) god it;s hard. at least we got to run in the rain today! hurts everywhere! haha.
talk soon