Thursday, February 15, 2007


Hello again!

Big News: New Baby!

I am 8 weeks pregnant, which is already a staggering 3 months in the Japanese way of counting! I found out two weeks ago, but I was so busy with work, the convention and Chris and Deb's visit that it had to wait. I finally went to the doctor on Tuesday, where I got an ultrasound confirmation. There was no doubting I was pregnant, what with the morning sickness, tiredness and sore breasts, but it's nice to see the peanut with it's huge beating heart. I will visit that doctor again in two weeks for the full panoply of tests, and another ultrasound where he will divine my actual due date by the wizardry of science. Seems counting forty days doesn't cut it anymore. When he said on Tuesday that the baby was 'about' seven weeks old, and would be born around Septemeber 25 I was happy with that. In fact, I was quite impressed when he empahsised that that date was an estimate. People these days are so hung up on due dates, despite absolutely no evidence that they are at all accurate! But no, he just hadn't pulled out all the technological stops yet.

Acutally, he was very nice, and made efforts to speak English - conversational not just medical, which was nice. But I've seen upstairs in that hospital, they have a central nursery, so I will have some pointed questions for him next time. I will search for a midwife's clinic anyway, but in the meantime, I will ask him if I can room in 24/7 (and it will be 7!), avoid an episiotomy, breastfeed exclusively, etc...

I have to go as Lena is whining about toe nails and splinters. Not that she will let me touch them...

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