Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cute things update

Lena "Your voice is nice. I never said that before"
Mum "Whose voice?"
Lena "Yours"
Mum "Thank you darling, you've got a nice voice too"
Lena "Yeah, I'm a little kid so I've got a cute voice"

Another one from Lena:
Does anyone remember the scene from Monsters Inc in Harry Hausen's, where Sully uses gibberish to alert Mike to the Boo in the bag, saying "ooklay in the agbay". Lena's version "ooklay in the oogleybag" Remember who googly-bear is? That seems to have gotten mixed up in it somehow!

And from Amy:
The girls were playing an imaginary game with their toys. They all decided to go to New Zealand. One toy asked "What's New Zealand?". Amy's answer, partially recalled from St J's a year ago: "It's a fish. A really big fish with people living on it"

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