Friday, March 09, 2007


I'm so tired today! All I did was go to work, and that was not exactly taxing - mostly reading my book as they had final exams today. I decided it was a case of Fridayitis.

I am losing weight again, just like when I was pregnant with Lena. I have totally lost interest in food. I feel fine not having eaten - and gross just after eating, so I tend to put it off and off and off! I didn't eat anything until 1pm today. Now it's 5:30, and I might cook some toasted sandwiches later on. The kids are watching Cars right now, and they had a bowl of rice at 4:30 so they won't be bugging me for a while.

I'm not having any really strong cravings or aversions - the whole idea of eating anything is so off-putting that I wait until I am starving, then fix onto the most appetizing thing I can think of, and have that. Often, that's the only time I can eat it - I never want to see it again after that. Yaki-niku, all pork, crumbed chicken, McDonalds, spag-bol and anything fatty have joined the list of 'yuck'. I am slowly but surely going through every dish I know of.

Fotunately there are a few things that remain edible - bananas and other fruit, yogurt, cereal and milk, muesli and stewed apple, eggs, beans, vegetables - not a bad diet, really! And most of all, Marmite on toast. Just last night I scraped the very very last dregs out of the jar. Maria has promised me some more, sent with my maternity clothes purchase from Pumpkin Patch. I check my visa account every day to see if she's been to the PO yet!

We also went to the city office today to pick up my Mother/Child Handbook. You have to register your pregnancy with the city office, and you get a few coupons for discounted health checks. Pregnancy and normal birth are not covered by National Health here, although complications are. The lady just called back and saw that she had forgotten to give me one more coupon, something to do with being 36 when the baby is born. Looks like I am eligible for another test, although I did not understand her, so I don't know what for!

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