Saturday, March 24, 2007

Lena's Kindergarten Graduation

More songs and certificates, more tears!

It was held in the kindy classrooms, and Lena looked adorable in her pale check dress and pigtail plaits. It started with some very teary farewell speeches from the two foreign teachers, Rachel and Marcia, who are both leaving. They had some very sweet things to say about the children, and we were all left feeling sad and wistful, but knowing that they were not leaving because they didn't enjoy the children.

There were some songs, and the children got their certificates. I went up with Lena to get hers - as well as the certificate, she got a folder with photos and artwork from her year at kindy. I brought her last year's one to NZ, if anyone remembers...She also got a laminated ABC card set, that she drew the pictures for herself. Amy also got the same set, so now we have two.

Then they performed a little poem together, with each child saying one line. Lena said "I had so much fun, thank you very much". Then they all bowed.

We all trooped outside for a photo and final farewells, which took nearly as long as the ceremony! Lena's classes mothers had prepared several gifts - flowers from the children to the teachers, given separately by the children so they all gave one, and the teacher ended up with a bunch. A bead necklace made by one mother, a t-shirt printed with a photo of all the kids (a photo that was an incredibly pain to take as one kid after another broke down for one reason or another, Lena first because it was too bright), and cards prepared by me and signed by all the kids. More tears.

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