Sunday, March 18, 2007

Kanji's 'Event'

We spent a long day at a campsite by a dam doing stuff. Kanji is a member of 'Young Enterprise Group' a business/social/charity group kind of like Lions. They put on an event for kids with loads of activites, guests from the International University in Beppu, mochi-making and curry for lunch.

We walked around the lake in the morning, stopping to answer quizzes and riddles and score points at activities. Amy and Lena bascially didn't get any of them, and I would have had trouble too if I wasn't walking around with K's friend and his kids. Even so, I provided two of the answers by searching on the internet on my phone!

There were students from Sweden, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Indonesia, Mongolia, and China as well as Japan. They set up some games in the afternoon, and Amy enjoyed learning some foreign words, although it didn't look like it, she was acting so shy! So we learned Uzbek and Indonesian for 'Hello', 'My name is...', and 'Goodbye': 'Salom' 'Mineng Ismam...' and 'Hayr' and 'Salamat Siang' ?? I forgot and 'Dadah'. She also liked the Chilean pipes live music.

By far the best thing was the woodwork shop. Just a glue gun and piles of pre-cut wood. I think It was addictive! I think I'll buy a glue gun and stick together random piles of stuff from the house and garden. Oh, Amy and Lena loved it too. Here are some samples of our work:

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