Saturday, March 10, 2007

After that tiring case of Fridayitis, I slept 12 hours! Or rather, I slept nine, then, deciding 6:30 was ridiculously early to wake up on a Saturday, I deliberately went back to sleep. It wasn't easy - the kids were awake and chatty. Amy wanted to know how they know the shapes of the countries on the map above her bed. Trying to limit my answer to as few syllbles as possible so as not to wake myself up, I told her they measured it. "From a rocket?" she asked. "No, from ships and by walking across it". That was enough for today it seems, as she went quiet after that. A previous morning her contemplation of the map brought forth the question, "Where do all the countries get their names?". And Lena wanted to know why, when it was all so small on the map, did it take so long to get there in a plane! Something only a frequent-flying five-year would ask.

I finally convinced them to go away. They went to have breakfast, which they can get themelves. Judging by the bowls they left, they had potions instead. When I found them making potions last week, I said they had better eat them, because they were wasting food. To my surprise, they did. The most popular potion so far is yogurt and parmesan cheese. Just imagine the sick smell of parmesan with the natural sourness of unsweetened yogurt! What a treat! I might try it once my morning sickness fades. There must be something to it. Or maybe it's just because they are used to eating natto (fermented, ie rotten, soy beans) which are even smellier.

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