Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy 5th Birthday Lena!

My little baby is five years old today! And in an unprecedented move, I didn't take any photos today! Don't worry, there are going to be hundreds of photos over this week!

It was a kindy day for her, she couldn't miss kindy as it was her last day! Before she went to kindy she opened her present from Grandma - 'very wonderful and beautiful'. Amy was just as happy to see the two white ponies (Lena requested white ponies). They were ballerinas and sisters, so they were perfect for my two girls!

When she was at kindy Amy and I wrapped our presents to her. I gave her a ??? what to call it! It hangs off her bunk, like a kind of curtain, consisting of strips of felt with flat images of Stitch and his toy. I will get a photo sometime! Amy gave her hairclips and a necklace which promptly broke, and between us we gave her an Ariel (Disney princess) ring with an attached scarf.

Next we visited Daddy at work, where she got her No.1 best present - a radio-controlled car. A Nissan Pajero to be exact. She had coveted a radio-controlled car for sale at Jiichan's shop for some time, so she was thrilled, and thoroughly enjoyed playing with it.

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