Monday, March 26, 2007

Hello Baby

I had another appointment today, this time with a different doctor, a woman. I wonder how many they have there, I suppose if they are the only clinic in town, the OB ward at the public hospital has closed, then there must be at least three. She was okay, a little grumpy. The guy was nicer.

Since I have my Mother/Child health book, they did urine, weight and bp checks (kindly gave me a second one when the first was too high), as well as fundus and tummy circumference.

Finally, a tummy ultrasound. Did I mention that the other two were vaginal? And I see that they have fancy 3D u/s too. Which I know is just a rounded out version of the 2-dimensional u/s which itself is just an echo of a sound's so easy to believe it's photo, but it's not.

Anyway, he waved at me. Actually they can't tell if it's a boy or girl yet, maybe next time. Kanji asked me what I thought, and I said, "hmm, a boy", and he said "You thought Lena was a boy too" so obviously that means nothing at all! Heshe is 7cm long, with a 4cm head. I saw his straight spine as he tried to wriggle away. And his feet. I'm utterly convinced all these u/s are unecessary, maybe even risky, but they are damned hard to resist, and easy to enjoy!

I still didn't ask my questions. I need make a list so I remember things that I easily forget, because they are too obvious, like can Kanji come in with me? Exclusive breastfeeding, not only if everything is 'fine', because 'fine' will be according to their definition, for example, they might insist on supplementing if the baby has jaundice, or doesn't put on exactly xg after each feed, or anything! No episiotomy, and I know I won't be happy with 'we'll only do one if you need it' because I know they think 100% of first-time mothers 'need' one, so how can I trust their definition of 'need'? My problem is that I just know too much. I can't just go in and assume the doctor is doing nothing that isn't necessary.

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