Sunday, April 13, 2008

Amy's 8th Birthday Party

Emily and Masaki came back from NZ just in time for the party, but unfortunately her other friends were unable to make it. Two from school had other committments, and Karin and Momoka were unable to come. She got over her disappointment, and we had a fun day, with one of Lena's friends coming, and their old kindy teacher, who is now living just around the corner.
We had plans to have an all-day party, but most people came for lunch and afternoon tea. Lunch was sausages, pizza and sandwiches - very eary for Mum to prepare! Afternoon tea was sweets and the cake, of course. Lacking a dolly varden tin, I tried making it in a mixing bowl, but it flopped. I cut and pasted, using icing, to make the above dress out of about ten separate pieces of cake!
We had a treasure hunt, which was nearly ruined by rain, but we went nice and fast and the kids soon found the chocolate strawberries in the tree in the front yard. We made a 'Pin the Wand on the Fairy' but we have yet to play it - we are waiting for a day when Amy will finally manage to get a few friends together to play, which we'll call her 'Second Party' and we'll play Statues and Hunt the Thimble and Pin the Whatever on that day.

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Christelle said...

OMG Did you make that yourself????!!! What a great cake. I almost want one :)