Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Day in Mel's Life

Amy got a Mel backpack for her birthday, which inspired another round of Mel games. I don't know why Mel, of all the dolls, has become No.1. Her pink hair maybe? Mel started out as a bath toy, her hair would change color in the water. We have three other baby dolls - a soft-bodied one the Lena got in her present basket for being the last baby born in Hawera Hospital. Then Popochan, Amy's first baby doll. Then Molly, who Lena got for Christmas in 2006, and who talks. But Mel is the No.1, and they manage to share her beautifully and hardly ever argue over her. She has stolen Popochan's bed, which is up on Amy's bunk. Amy got Lena the shower for Mel for Christmas, and the toilet for her birthday. Lena got Amy the backpack/table-chair for her birthday. Santa got them a Cinderella and a Little Red Riding Hood costume/book set for Christmas. Here are some photos of a day in Mel's life, how she is always with us!


Anonymous said...

Hi...I pop into your blog from time to time so I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Fiona and live in Gifu-ken with my 11 year old Dd. She happened to be glancing over my shoulder when I was reading and said "hey, that looks like me!" when she saw a pic of your daughter Amy. They do look similar....and even have similar names, only mine is Jaimie. Anyhow, just wanted to say hi....and wow, you are an awesome cake maker/decorator. My Dd was extremely envious of your Dd!


Rachel said...

Hi Fiona in Gifu! We'd love to see a picture of Amy's doppelganger/o-sokkuri-san! Send us a pic to takajolily at yahoo.com