Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Birthday

Me on my birthday with my three darling daughters.

Mum took me out for lunch at Woodsies. We had spinach, pine nut and feta tarts in filo pastry, and chicken and camembert paninis, followed by carrot cake and a cappuccino...

with an edible spoon! Made out of ginger cookie with the tip dipped in chocolate. Divine!

Following lunch, we went to Aunty Jo's house for Josh's early birthday party, at which I got to share the cake - strawberry layered chocolate cake, with tons of cherry ripes, which they know I love.

Friday, Mum cooked me a pav. Only family will know how unutterably sad it is that the Kenwood Chef mixer died while making the first pav. Around 40 years old, it was an amazing mixer, made all our birthday cakes and many, many pavlovas, in fact it was the secret key to Mum's perfect pavs, as we found out when we tried to make the second pav using a food processor and hand mixer. Following is then, the last perfect Kenwood Pav.

Family Dinner - roast mutton with all the trimmings. It was wonderful.

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Gaijin Wife said...

Happy belated birthday Rachel. Your lunch with you mum sounds divine - God, I can't wait to go home!