Saturday, September 06, 2008

Back in Japan

Well, we've been back in Japan for five days now, but I haven't had a moment to sit down and update this blog. Monday, flying. Tuesday, trains. Wednesday, doctor in Yamaga and work, Thursday and Friday, doctor in Beppu and work. Today, doctor in Beppu again and finally an afternoon off and a chance to catch up!

I'm just having a well-deserved cup of tea before doing the shopping and cooking dinner. I just finished cleaning the genkan and moving the bags and packages of clothes upstairs - they've been clogging the hall and living room since we got home! I am now the proud owner of 32 pairs of shoes, including 15 flats, 10 pairs of heels, six pairs of boots and two 'inside' shoes, ballet flats I use instead of slippers. Next on my list is the laundry, which I should get done today, then I can start on the clothes nice and early tomorrow morning, before it gets too hot up there.

Erica's hand is looking much better, but I am quite worried about how the scar tissue is forming with her hand somewhat closed.

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