Monday, September 22, 2008


Well, here it is, and also a few photos so you can see what it is. She has it on now, for the second night. She's dealing with it alright, though she tries to take it off if I put it on her too soon before we settle down to sleep, and of course it comes off first thing in the morning, before she has time to fuss. I don't know if it's doing the trick though, as it seems too loose, and her fingers slip down in it, and she can even curl her fingers under, so I don't know how effective it is going to be in keeping that finger straight. We're going back to get it checked on this Thursday.

Every day it seems to be curling up more, and more painful to her when I try to stretch it out. I have to put cream on it morning and night, another case of the doctor believing in the power of mother to achieve the impossible! Put cream on a baby's palm! You might as well skip the next step and just smear it all over your furniture yourself. At night, I wrap the finger area of the brace in glad wrap, my theory being that if the cream rubs off on that, maybe some of it will rub back on! And in the morning I utilize the power of Wiggle. Erica loves the Wiggles so much now that she grins from ear to ear and makes a beeline for the telly where she starts to dance. So I put the Wiggles on, and I can be sure of a good half hour of not using her hands, time enough for some of the cream to sink in. And a little bonus vid...listen carefully...the reason Erica is not responding to me is because she is watching Amy and Lena fighting. Listen and you should hear a slap, an 'ow' and Lena whining 'Aaaaamyyyyy'

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