Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Brace?

I'm not quite sure what to call the thing they made, and have no pictures yet as it was a little imperfect, needs fixing, and will be sent by mail later on. 'IT' is kind of like a half-open cast, held on with straps with velcro and snap buttons. The closed part goes over the inside of the wrist, the palm and the fingers, pushing the fingers backwards to stretch out the scar tissue. It even has little flowers and ladybirds on it to make it pretty for her. But the thumb hole was a little too large, and it looked like her fingers would too easily slip out, so he took it back to remake it.

It will only be put on at night! Then she is to use the hand normally during the day, and we also have a cream to put on morning and night. That all means of course, normal clothing, normal bathing and no more questions out in public, unless someone gets a close-up look! Everyone wants to know what happened when they see the bandages.

The above photo shows how it looks normally; in the one below I'm pulling back her thumb, and you can clearly see the 'V' shaped scar which is causing all the trouble. The doctor speaks very fast, unfortunately, but I think he said that thumb area would eventually need to be grafted. I'm not looking forward to that! But that's for later on, for now we're dealing with the fingers.

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thefukases said...

Wow. I know the point of the picture is to show what's not going perfectly but it's amazing how quickly it' healed this far. Not having that nasty raw skin to worry about must be such a relief!