Sunday, September 07, 2008

Erica's Hand

Here is a photo (removed) of Erica's hand yesterday morning. For those who don't know, she burned it on an iron on August 18th, so it's nearly three weeks old and nearly healed. Mum and my sisters who watched or helped change her dressings over the last few weeks will see how well it's healing. Might be a bit of a shock for anyone else seeing it for the first time!

I am concerned about the area between the thumb pad and the index finger pad, which appears to be sticking together. There are also a few holes in the centre of her palm which are basically areas that had healed together that were opened up when we opened out her hand. Also she tends to hold her thumb inwards, like it's sore or tight to stretch out.

We'll see the plastic surgeon again tomorrow to talk about subsequent treatment, right now we're concentrating on getting the wound healed, we'll look at scarring and movement when that's done.

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Lulu said...

Oh the poor little thing! Ouch!

I hope that it continues to heal and that you can find suitable treatment!!!