Thursday, September 11, 2008

Erica update

Well, today was a lot better than I thought I was going to be. Turns out we were just getting a cast of her hand made today, and we'll get the 'thing', whatever that it, put on next week. Which has got me hoping that the 'thing' will be removable and I'll be able to bath her.

I was able to bath her today! She had a lovely time, it's been ages since she had a bath, and nearly two months since she got in the nice deep bath with Mummy. The wound has all but healed, and all we have on now is a small adhesive bandage, plus whatever I want to put on top to stop her pulling that off, so I'm adding tape and a sock thingy (I can never remember what they are called!). Thanks Becky for the roll of sock thingy! I have a week's supply of adhesives so I can bathe her every day.

So her hand is practically free, and she's had a lot of time to look at it, and gingerly touch it, though she's not really using it a lot yet. Whether it's painful, or just habit, or if her fingers won't move smoothly, I don't know. Actually all her fingers move quite well, but I am worried about her thumb, which seems to be stuck slightly forward onto her palm. Doc says we won't know about whether that's going to be a problem for up to year from now. Right now he's not concentrating on it, but on the fingers.

The cast we made today was off her wrist and hand, excluding the thumb but covering all fingers, and with the fingers all stretched backwards. This is to help the fingers heal with contractures. We're looking at weekly or monthly visits for the foreseeable future, probably for a year. It's just unbelivable that it's this severe, and this much work to heal it - it only took a second.


Becs said...

Yeah thats looking much better Rach, healing nicely. Such a long road isn't it? Did you get the article I e-mailed?

Rachel said...

yes, i got the article, same kind of thing as the other one I found - if it heals within 3 weeks, all is usually okay, over that and you get complications. More above in the next blog!