Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Our Autumn weekend

Yesterday was a public holiday, the Autumn equinox, so even though there was school on Monday, it still feels like it was one loong weekend. Saturday morning we went to Baachan's so Erica could get used to Baachan (and I could start to leave her there!) but Baachan went out to the doctor's. Why she didn't tell me this pertinent fact on Friday afternoon when I told her we were coming, I don't know. I busted my gut getting ready on time! Probably that fake Japanese modesty that requires her to act as though she herself couldn't possibly matter or be the reason we were coming, even though she knew perfectly well it was. Or does decades of practice with this modesty really bring it about and she really didn't twig that 'coming to play' meant with her and Jiichan?

Anyway, I was in the car reading a magazine with sleeping Erica, and then Dipti rang for a favor so I went around there instead, coming back in time to get some lunch off the travelling baker who stops there every Saturday lunchtime. And played a little bit with Baachan who still alternates between falling all over Erica and swamping her, then giving up with a sigh.

Saturday afternoon Daddy had off work, so we subjected him to a home video from our recent trip to NZ, then him and me and Erica took a nap and left the older girls in the capable hands of Mr. Disney. Sunday we went to karaoke with friend Akiko and her Australian exchange student Chayla, whose mother is a New Zealander.

Akiko and Amy

Daddy helping Lena sing, while Erica enjoys her first experience of karaoke

Chayla with Akiko's mum Junko (r) and another friend, Yukko

Sunday night was the annual Keio Academy summer party. Lots of beer and shouting in an izakaya, followed by more beer and even louder shouting at karaoke. Here's the bosses being cute.

Yesterday we went to visit Haradas, and ended up somehow at Egamis' eating Haradas' gyoza, Egamis' curry, my banana bread. And more beer.

The kids enjoying their curry. And here is a vid of Erica and her birthday twin Yuuki.

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Ace said...

Well, I too want to mention about my wonderful trip which I enjoyed last weekend, it was awesome.