Monday, September 22, 2008


Okay, I've been taking too many videos, but she's just too cute, and keeps doing stuff that desperately needs to be recorded for posterity! Erica learned this trick, oh, about two minutes before I videoed it. Hence a baby very proud of herself for mastering a new trick.

Flavor of the week though, is climbing. I've caught her several times on the table, but haven't yet managed to catch her actually climbing on, she seems to be keeping that a secret. Here, she's distracted by something much better...

That camera is way better than this ball!

Tantrum time!

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Lulu said...

Oh she is just so cute!!! Even when she is having a tantrum! Loved the first one- hilarious!

I hope the brace does the trick with straightening her hand out- poor little thing. Must be distressing for you also.