Friday, September 26, 2008


Here's her hand, looking very smooth and well-healed in this photo. The wound is all cleared up, as the doctor also noted.

We saw the plasterer (what the heck do you call a medical professional who specializes in taking plaster casts of limbs and fashioning plastic braces out of them??) and explained that her hand was slipping out and curling in. He wasn't surprised. Apparently it's quite hard making them for such a tiny hand. He shaved off some of the sides, but then when we saw the doctor, he noticed that the thumb was stiffening up quite a bit, and instructed the 'plasterer' to make a whole new one that incorporated the thumb as well.

Plasterer frowned and commented to me that the doc had said the week before not to worry about the thumb, which I had asked about, as we'd deal with that later. But I thought it was getting stiffer and more 'stuck', he must have noticed the difference after a week.

So, we got a new plaster cast taken, and we'll go back next to see how that fits. Meanwhile, I'll be using the old brace, and the cream every day. She has a bit of trouble sleeping with the brace on, so I'm quite tired - like having a newborn again! Not fair! It's going to be worse next week. She cried and cried as he fitted the cast as he had to pull back on her thumb, and she hates that, it hurts her. So it's going to sting every night. God I hope she can sleep!

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