Friday, September 04, 2009

Summer Holidays Beach Trip

Catching up on some summer posts, here is one of our only three trips to the beach. I so wanted to go more often! This was the second trip, and we stopped at this charming shrine on the way.

I hadn't stopped here for 12 years! I remember it was a dark and stormy night...the sea seemed to come up closer and crash against the shrine, unlike this balmy summer day. Maybe the tide was further in, or perhaps they have added the plaza since then.

And a photo op hole in the rock. Totally man-made, but it's situated so that it's right behind the shrine's altar. I'm guessing this is a shrine to the sea god!

Lena leaping into the air on the plaza in front of the shrine. Straight down to the sea beyond the railing. It was kind of like looking off the side of a ship.

Amy contemplating the drop. There were rocks on this side.

A very busy baby settling down to experiment on the properties of sand and water

Posing for the inevitable Three Girls shot.

Lena's beach style. She's still a bit nervous of going out of her depth, even with the floaty. There were tons of things to see with the goggles, mostly seaweed!

Amy's more of a beach bunny. On our next trip to the beach, it was just her and me. We had a grand time without the 'babies'. We forgot the snorkel though. On this day, we were just using the goggles, none of us are very good with the pipe yet.

Erica, the intrepid toddler. She LOVES being in the water, LOVES her arm floaties, LOVES to be LET GO and float and kick around by herself. Okay so she's a water baby, but I'm not too sure about it...she's overconfident and quite happy to follow her sisters WAY out of her depth.

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