Friday, August 28, 2009

Birthday part III

Kanji was out of town tonight, so I took the kids to Joyfull. I don't like their food all that much, but I love their chocolate parfaits, which makes a nice birthday treat! It didn't rain. That sounds good, but really we would prefer it to rain. For some reason, often when Kanji is out of town and I take the kids to Joyfull, it rains.

Erica is still working out which finger to use.

Both big girls got a mini-hamburger set, and Erica got a kid's curry. I got chicken doria (chicken over rice with a white sauce) which was awful. I know I should stick to the side menus and salads!


illahee said...

omigosh, i ordered the chicken doria last week, and you are right, it is NOT GOOD! i'm ok with joyfull (one near our house so i go there for 'free time' and the drink bar.) so far i really like the kimchee zousui, though sometimes the pork is less than...delicious.

your girls are so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

What a fun and fabulous get together!!!