Thursday, August 06, 2009

nth Day of Summer Holidays

Okay, so I'm not actually counting. And actually they're not here, they've gone to school this morning for the peace ceremony. And I'm supposed to be using the time to start cleaning up the upstairs room, and finally vacuum-bagging the winter quilts and getting them up into the closet. Actually, I already did it once...but the bags were faulty and they exploded out of the closet, bugger, so I have to start again. It's not the sort of job you want to be doing on a hot summer day.

Erica is still in her pyjamas, with no nappy on, and a hairclip in her hair (miracle of miracles that she left it there and didn't tear it out) eating muesli with loads of milk with two 'boon' (spoons). We are going to the supermarket in a moment, the temptation of putting on her shoes will inspire her to get out of her pyjamas. And they're only her third favorite pyjamas, after the two anpanman pyjamas!

I have to cook dinner early today because I am taking my poor older girls to the dentist today, for serious cavity care, ie, DRUGS! So I have to make sure they fill their tummies before we go. I'll feed them some ice cream when we come home, and some panadol, and hopefully get them to sleep before the drugs wear off and the pain begins. They are both good about brushing their teeth, so it doesn't seem fair that they have such nasty cavities.

Tomorrow however, we are taking off to the pool! The big one in Usa with fun stuff. Right now, it seems like such a bother going, but I know we'll have tremendous fun when we get there, as Kanji is coming, so he can watch Erica in the baby pool while I take off with the big girls to have FUN!

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