Monday, August 10, 2009

Where will it end?

With all children fed, washed and in bed I hope, but today's one of those odd days when things just don't happen the way you thought they were going to.

This doesn't normally fluster me much. With three kids, a husband, mother-in-law, and other assorted relatives to juggle, I often end up doing things differently to how I expected. I plan, but don't stick too rigidly to plans. Too many things can change, and however efficient you are, you almost never get everything on your list checked, so my lists get altered throughout the day.

Right now I keep walking through the unnaturally clean living room (because they haven't been home all day) and genkan (that the older girls cleaned actually) to check on Erica asleep in the car. Still asleep at 4pm, bit of a worry, means a late night, but never mind, with no-one home right now and me no idea where anyone is, it'll probably be a late night anyway.

I wonder if I'm supposed to have picked the girls up at Baachan's? Probably. After all I left them there. But then I saw them out eating ice cream with sister-in-law, brother-in-law and cousin, and told Lena then that she had swimming, so I guess I just assumed they'd drop them off...

I was intending to buy some drawers for the closet, but Kanji has his van at band pracitce, so there goes that idea. It's getting so late now I might have to put that off until tomorrow. Well, they would have just clogged up the genkan anyway. At least I got to the bank and the Post Office today. And dinner's already cooked. Nobody to eat it but me, but at least it's cooked!

Now, to check on that baby again, and maybe think about doing some work. And maybe go find my other daughters, wherever they might have disappeared to.

Children found, fed and put to bed. No drawers as DH still AWOL


gaijin wife said...

Hope you found the girls!!

Quick question - can I freeze canaloni already all made up with the cheese sauce and everything?

Rachel said...

Girls found!

I don't know about the cannelloni, I've never tried freezing pasta, it's worth a try I suppose - better than binning it! Let me know if it works