Friday, August 28, 2009


My family made a birthday dinner for me last night. Kanji cooked what he can - rice and miso soup and simmered fish. I baked the cake and whipped up the icing, then left them to cut and decorate, and this is what they made me - Marge Simpson!

They actually did really well with both the cutting (done freehand as they didn't know about the templates!) and the decoration. H B stands for Happy Birthday. Here are the proud chefs:

Me and my birthday gifts, beautiful roses from my husband, a new tea cup from Amy, so I don't have to drink out of a beer mug anymore, and a little parrot for my phone. They got me a card each, and even helped Erica draw a card for me. GHere they are singing Happy Birthday to me. Erica can sing it too a little, but of course never when the camera is on.


anchan said...

How lovely! The cake is fantastic - nice work girls!

Happy Birthday, Rachel! xxx

illahee said...

what a lovely birthday celebration! happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Love that cake and the singing is brilliant..."Happy Birthday Dear Rachel" ...Go girls(and my 4 year old is the same BTW!)

Bonnie said...

Really a special celebration!! You are truely loved Rachel!