Saturday, August 01, 2009

The Hospital Again

Erica just spent a week in hospital for asthma.

I took her in on Saturday, wheezing and heaving quite badly. She was given intravenous meds and a nebulizer but she didn't significantly improve, so she was admitted.

She was there from Saturday night until Thursday morning, five nights and four long days on that tiny bed! She spend Sunday feeling tired and sleepy, but was back to her usual happy self by Tuesday, so for the last few days it was hard to contain her! I had to try to keep her on her bed, as we were there to rest, not run around, so we ended up watching A LOT of DVDs and playing with things like blocks and magnets on the bed.

I took some pictures on my phone, so here she is, forlorn little thing on a huge cot! You can see the big bandage on her arm, there to try to hold the drip in (it kept coming out anyway). and the machine on the right next to the bed is the drip monitor, which beeped each time something went wrong - ie, A LOT. She's holding 'baby' and Anpanman is next to her. She also had her Dorothy the Dinosaur pillow, which she loves. And there's the blessed portable DVD player, and a file full of movie and TV choices, on top of my diary and next to the art book I was reading.

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illahee said...

oh no, poor erica!! hope she's feeling better now!