Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sun seen non-event

It got a little darker. We noticed that, and how odd it felt for the shadows to be the wrong length for that amount of darkness. It wasn't darker than a thundery day, but of course you don't have shadows on a thundery day.

Both our viewing techniques worked.

The mirror - taping over all but a 1cm square of a small hand-held mirror, and reflecting the image onto a wall. We taped a piece of white paper to the wall to make it clearer.

Simple pin-hole camera. Just two pieces of white paper, one with a pen-prick hole in it, allowing just enough light in to see the crescent shape.

At the last minute I remembered that I viewed the one at Stonehenge through the video camera, so I viewed it through there as well. That was exceedingly pretty, with sun rays streaking through a blue sky, but not in the least eclipse-like! I guess we were just too far north after all.

Now we're watching it on TV and seeing what we missed out on!


illahee said...

yeah, that's pretty much how it was here. since it was off and on clouds all morning, you really couldn't tell there was an eclipse. *sigh* maybe some other time (in another country i guess. china seems to see a lot of them....)

gaijin wife said...

We won't be able to come on Sunday. Hub has firebrigade shit most of the day and Granny K has expressed her unwillingness to look after Shou or Marina and there is no way I am bringing all three of them on my own - and no amount of bribing with custard and jelly will help. Gomen.

But please come and visit us during the summer holidays - Wednesday afternoons are out but any other day is ok!!

Rachel said...

What a shame! Kick hub for me. I hope you find it easier to travel in a few years when the kids get a bit older, cos it sucks having to depend on him like that.

We are going to the beach on Thursday, see you then?

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illahee said...

i've tagged you for a meme!