Friday, July 10, 2009

Kiddy disasters

Erica just walked up to me with a put on her scarred hand. It made me cry! Poor baby. She's been examining it a lot lately, and comparing it to the other hand. She knows something's wrong with it. I wonder if it hurts her at all?

Amy and Lena are at Maia's for the weekend. Kanji, Erica and I are going to Nagoya for the AFWJ board meeting. It should be fun, but I'll miss the girls - I hardly ever see them! Luckily Maia's Mum brought them past the office so I could say goodnight. Lena boings out of bed each night and into mine, she doesn't even remember doing it.

I forgot Amy at swimming on Wednesday! Baachan had picked them up, as Kanji had to go to Oita, and dropped her off at swimming. She finished at 6:40 and I was supposed to go get her as soon as my class finished at 6:50. But I forgot!!! I was so busy doing prep and catching up on paperwork. But I didn't forget about her - all along I had an image in my head of them all at Baachan's eating dinner. I even went shopping after, safe in the knowledge that they were cosily eating dinner and watching cartoons. Then I arrived, and Jiichan said 'Did you get Amy' and OH NOOO!!! Big gulf inside me of awful regret as I turned right around and went back to get her.

Poor thing. I parked up the back and she saw me come in but wasn't sure and called out 'Mummy?' in such a sad voice. I gave her a big hug, and reassured her I hadn't forgotten about her, just about swimming. But she must be growing up, or I really have managed to convince that I'll love her forever and never ever forget her or stop loving her, as she hadn't spent the time thinking she'd been abandoned by her family, but thinking up other scenarios, such as:

- I'd been pulled up by the police
- I'd been attacked and nearly murdered
- Erica had gone to sleep and I was unable to leave the house
- Baachan thought I went to get her while I thought Baachan went to get her

The one thing she didn't consider was that I was still at work. All along she was picturing me at home. She forgot I was still at work. Which is good because it helps her understand that I mistook her location in the same way!

All that plus Erica's had a fever and a nasty near-asthma cough all week. She just came up to me with another bandaid for her other, completely uninjured finger so perhaps she's just playing after all. And I should go hide the bandaids!

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope she feels better and SOON, how is she doing now?